The Story

The incident that took place in the Early Spring of 2017 is that of a horrific and gruesome event that involved four victims, which two of the people were best friends for nearly half of their lives, which was 8 years.

On this night the two best friends, Matthew A. Leavitt (19) and Shane A. Mays (19) were kidnapped along with two other people, Nicole S. Fisher (38) and Luke P. Davis (20).

Of the 4 kidnapped, 3 of them were murdered that night. This was a triple murder that occurred in a small house in the North-East state of Kansas.

On March 13, 2017 Matthew Leavitt (19) was asked by a friend named Matthew “Mateo” Tilton to pick up his girlfriend (Nicole Fisher) at a house located on 115 NW Grant Ave. in Topeka, Kansas. Matthew Leavitt (19) agreed to pick up Nicole Fisher (38) for “Mateo”. Since Shane Mays (19) was hanging out with Matthew Leavitt at the time of the request, Shane Mays went with Matthew Leavitt to the Grant house to get Nicole. Matt specifically stated to Mateo to have Nicole waiting outside of house when he arrives.

The house is on 115 NW Grant Street, which was a rental house in North Topeka and occupied by a woman named Kora Liles (31). This house is located in a bad part of Topeka, which is riddled with a methamphetamine and a notorious to be a high crime area in the city. Kora Liles’s house was a known drug house, or flop house.

When Matthew and Shane arrived at the home on Grant Street, 2 men came out waving guns and went to the car doors of Matthew’s vehicle. They pulled out Matthew and Shane at gunpoint. The two men who kidnapped Matthew and Shane were Joseph “Boston” Lowry (30) and Brian Flowers (32).

Joseph “Boston” Lowry was the current boyfriend of Kora Liles. Brian Flowers is Kora Liles ex-husband, and they have 3 daughters together.

Brian Flowers gave Kora Liles the gun he used to pull out Shane from Matthew’s car, and Kora Liles used the gun to escort Matthew, Shane and Nicole into her house. Kora Liles took Matthew, Shane and Nicole into her basement. They were told to give up their cell phones, pulling the sims cards out.

“Why are you doing this?” Nicole asked Kora.

Joseph “Boston” Lowry took off in Matthew’s Red 2006 Pontiac G6 to get rid of it.

This all took place at approximately 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.

Upon Joseph “Boston” Lowry’s return to the Grant house, another man named Joseph “Jojo” Krahn (34) was called to come to Kora Liles home. A man by the name of Richard Folsom (26) brought “Jojo” to Kora’s house, but was not aware as to what was going to happen. Richard Folsom was a first-hand witness to the murders that occurred that night.

Matt, Shane and Nicole were brought up from the basement into the living room. Still armed with her own gun, Kora Liles turned on music and forced Matt and Shane to dance around while Kora the rest of the men laughed at them. They were then forced to sit on the sofa and not to speak to each other or speak at all unless spoken to by “Jojo”.

The reason these men kidnapped Matthew, Shane and Nicole was because they wanted Matthew. They wanted Matthew because Kora Liles accused Matthew of raping her. Shane just happened to be with Matthew at the time these men had an opportunity to acquire Matthew. Nicole was just inside Kora’s house with no problem (before being picked up by Matthew) until Nicole became a witness to what was beginning to take place once the kidnappings began to occur.

As Kora Liles, “Jojo”, “Boston”, and Flowers were in the living room on the main floor with their kidnapped Matthew, Shane and Nicole – there was a knock on the front door.

It was a Luke Davis (20) who was just looking for someone to give him a ride to his girlfriend’s house. When Luke Davis saw what was going on, he was pulled into the house by “Jojo” and became kidnapped victim number 4.

Kora Liles was asked to leave her house before the murders began. Before she exited her house she said “Kill them all.”

Luke Davis was forced to kneel on the floor by the sofa. After some time, Luke Davis attempted to escape by running to the front door. Luke was captured by both “Jojo”(Krahn) and “Boston”(Lowry).

Luke pleaded for his life, he said he had a girlfriend and he wants to marry her. “Jojo” didn’t like Luke Davis. A fight ensued and “Jojo” began to stab Luke. At that point, “Jojo” grabbed the cord of a fan sitting on a table nearby and strangled Luke Davis to death.

Matt and Shane were crying, praying and begging for their lives to “Jojo”. “Jojo” focused on Shane next. Shane pleaded, saying he was married and has a baby on the way.

“Jojo” told Shane if he wants to live he “has to get his hands dirty” or he was going to die now. After witnessing Luke’s murder and his bloodied body still laying at the front door, Shane knew he was facing immediate death now. As instructed, Shane placed the trash bag over Nicole’s head. He pulled the bag tight for couple of seconds, then pulled the bag off of Nicole Fisher’s head and said “I can’t do this.”

It was at that moment Shane realized he was about to be murdered senselessly now. “Jojo” immediately placed the bag back over Nicole Fisher’s head and began to suffocate her to her death.

Shane said “Jojo” was staring right into Shane’s eyes and laughing out loud as he was killing Nicole. “He is pure evil straight out of Hell. It was the scariest thing I ever seen.”

At the time, Nicole Fisher was believed to be very high on Xanax and never put up a fight. She asked if she could have a shot of heroin as a last request, but was denied.

It was at that point “Jojo” (Krahn) and “Boston”(Lowry) began to come after Matt. They beat him severely. Again, “Jojo” forced Shane to place a trash bag over Matt’s head. Shane did. He pulled the bag and again, put his hands up saying “I can’t do this.” “Jojo” began to strangle Matthew himself until Matthew’s body went limp.

It was starting to get light outside as the sun began to come up.

As all 3 innocent people lay dead on the floor, a vote was taken on whether or not to kill Shane now. “Jojo” made threats to everybody alive in that living room (“Boston”(Lowry), Shane Mays, and Richard Folsom) that if they spoke a word to police or anyone else that he WILL come to kill them, and their family.

“Jojo”(Krahn) then looked over at Shane, saying “Welcome to the Elite. You are one of the few people to gets to see me kill and live.”

Richard Folsom (a man who brought “Jojo” (Krahn) to Kora’s house was in fear for his life. He just wanted to leave the house. He told “Jojo”(Krahn) that if he doesn’t bring his Dad’s truck back to him that he borrowed, his Dad would call the cops on him. “Jojo”(Krahn) allowed him to leave. Folsom said he was in fear of his life and too afraid to tell police.

Shane was forced to stay and told to clean up blood and move the bodies of Nicole Fisher, Luke Davis and his best Friend, Matthew Leavitt into the basement.

A phone call was made by “Boston”(Lowry) to Kora Liles to pick them up from her house. She arrived and “Jojo”(Krahn), “Boston”(Lowry) and Shane Mays got into the car. They asked Shane where he lived to take him to his house. Shane lied and said “I live right around this corner. You can drop me off right here.” They released him on the corner of Topeka Blvd. and 1st Street.

As he watched them all drive away, he was in disbelieve that he made it out of that house alive and was now standing on a corner. He suddenly began to get scared that they were going to turn around and decided to kill him. So he ran. Without stopping, Shane ran all the way home to his girlfriend’s house, Emma Bell. They were living together at the time.

Emma Bell was asleep but awoke to Shane crying hysterically at the foot of their bed. “Matt’s dead. They killed him.” Emma tried to calm him down and make sense of what he was saying, but he just couldn’t stop crying. “They killed two other people.” Emma could not believe what she was hearing. She thought Shane was making it up. She told to lie down and get rest and they will talk after she returns home from work. Emma’s mom was home and said Shane never slept. “He fixed a sandwich, took one bite and left it there.” Emma’s mom said.

Once Emma arrived back home, Shane began to tell her everything that happened. They both went to the Topeka Police Department.

Shane Mays told the police everything that happened and that there are 3 people who are dead in a basement and one of them is his best friend. Because Shane Mays did not know anyone of these men responsible, he had to pick them out from a line up. He had to describe the house because he didn’t know exactly where it was.

It was at that point Shane came to TPD that he was arrested and charged with Felony Murder by the Topeka Police Department.

“This is not fair. Why are they doing this to me? I came to them for help and to get the people who murdered Matt and two other people who were murdered off the street. He was my best friend.”

Shane is charged with 2 counts of 1st degree premeditated murder for forcibly placing a bag over the head of Nicole Fisher and his own best friend, Matthew Leavitt.

In accordance to the law, Self Preservation for your life is illegal when faced with your death over another persons life.

Trial for Shane Mays is set for March 12, 2018. A year from the day Matthew and Shane were both kidnapped.