Joseph “Jojo” Krahn pleaded guilty on November 17, 2017, for murdering all 3 victims.
He currently serving his prison time in

El Dorado Correctional Facility in
El Dorado, Kansas under maximum security.
Height: 6’2 Weight: 227 lbs.
Earliest possible release date: March 13, 2167

DOB: March 04, 1983.
Kora L. Liles was the mastermind behind the incident that occurred on March 12, 2017.
She had made rape allegations against Matthew Leavitt (19 years old) and wanted him killed. She ordered the men to “make his friend do it”, in reference to Shane Mays. The other two victims were killed because they just happened to be there.
She was found guilty on 10 felony charges and
1 misdemeanor on June 20, 2018.
Her sentencing is scheduled for May 10, 2019.

DOB: May 11, 1986