3 thoughts on “Witness to north Topeka triple murder tells what happened inside the house

  1. Iwould like to say how truly sorry I am for all the families who have lost there children for no REASON what so ever.thay didn’t deserve this it was so harifick .please please know from the bottom of my heart and sole my heart acks this has been tragic loss it’s a losses losses situation for all the families involved I am the mother of Joseph lower and I know I can truly say this has messed my hole being I have lost my mind I cant even think STRAIGHT or sleep ,or eat I will never be right in life …I know everhone may not believe my son and I’m not just saying this because he is my son but I know my son and wouldn’t just hurt 3 ppl he didn’t even know my son tells me everything and he is a good kid amazing son,and a good friend I love him he is a smart kid a good person and yes he was very wrong for taking the car but I know my son please beleave me he did harm your children. I’m so so sorry for all the hurt and pain I wish I could take it all away and I know I cant but God can and will trust in him ..may God rest there solves. Valerie

    1. Dear Valerie,
      Nobody wins in this terrible situation. We are all enduring so much pain and grief. Matt Leavitt was like my own son, he called me Mom since the day I first met him.
      Our Prayers go out to you and your family and all the families involved in this. <3

  2. Luke Davis was my nephew. Luke was at the wrong place at the wrong time trying to find a ride home and stopped here to ask for a ride. Luke didn’t deserve this horrific death. And it has truly changed my children’s lives as they grew up with Luke.
    The hardest part for me was working at the women’s prison and trying to keep the professional state of mind, as I had to look at Kora everyday on the cameras. It made me a very angry person and talking to staff at the prison didn’t help. I had to resign. She is having the time of her life in prison. Prison is too damn good for her. I miss my nephew so much. I pray for his parents everyday. Life will never be the same without Luke Patrick Davis.

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